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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a URL ?
Easy. Just sign up, and on the tracking homepage, there is a big “Add URL” button. Click that.
How do I associate keywords with a URL?
Again, easy. Once you sign up and input your URL, right below it, you’ll see a button to add keywords.
How do I view and export reports?
Go to the “Reports” page, and you’ll see reports for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Select the one you want to download, or download all three.
What’s this “Alexa ranking” that I see?
Alexa gathers information about every site in the world, and then ranks each one based on its monthly traffic and a slew of other metrics. We display the Alexa rank of each one of your URLs so you can see how you compare worldwide.
How do I get rid of a URL?
You can delete the URL by clicking the “Delete URL” button on the left side of the page. Please note that this will also delete all keywords associated with it.
How do I get rid of a keyword?
You can either click the “Delete Keyword” button below it, or you can upgrade your package to be able to track more keywords.