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Users love SERP Record for these 4 reasons…

Accurate Results

Others make minor mistakes.We don’t do that.

Instant Updates

Sent to your email.No more wasted time.

Informative Charts

One quick glance and you see everything.

Analytics Ranks

We analyze your competition and tell you what they’re doing.

They love us for these 9 reasons, too…

  • 10 Free Keywords

    No credit card required - just sign up and add your 10 free keywords.

  • Easy to add

    A simple interface means you can be up and running within minutes.

  • Speedy support

    If you have a question, we’ll get back to you before you can blink an eye.

  • Unbelievably low prices

    SERP tracking shouldn’t be expensive. With us, it’s not.

  • What you need... and no more

    Pricing Option ranging from 25 to 5,000 KWs.

  • Export in multiple formats

    Get all of your data out of SERP Record and onto your hard drive with ease.

  • Updated frequently

    We’re constantly scouring Google to give you rankings in close to real-time.

  • A flawless infrastructure

    We’re built on efficiency. With us, you’ll never experience a hiccup - ever.

  • No pressure or commitments

    Try us out for free with your first 10 keywords. No time limit - only upgrade when you want to.