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  • We at are highly concerned about the privacy of our visitors. We make sure that your confidential information shall stay confidential. We only collect the information that our customers provide us through our website. All the information that you submit through our website is going be saved in our data bank and this information will be used only if needed to contact the user for business purpose.
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  • Our website includes the advertisement of our business partners. It is highly suggested to all of the visitors that you must be careful while you click any of the ads on our website. The data provided on this website is not controlled by our website. Therefore, any of the problems happening with these websites will not the responsibility of
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  • The Script of the Program is Copy Right. We retain the right to claim if any developer tries to copy the script of
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  • The Logo , Design , Theme ,Template, Tracking System ,Functionality and all Images used within are Copy Right and therefore any violation will result in a legal action.
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  • Our website saves cookies as well. Internet cookies are cookies that are saved from the web browser; these cookies are helpful because they help us to improve our website performance. However, the user has the option to stop these cookies from being selected. You can stop them from being saved by the websites; these settings can be changed from the web browser.
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  • The reserves the right to analyze the activity of its members and thereby deactivate any account if member found using the system in a way that somehow proves to be harmful to the system of
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  • Any changes made to this privacy policy are managed by the website authorities. has the authority to change, modify, or alter any of the changes to these privacy policy are strictly the right of owners. You are advised to keep checking the website so you can know about the changes made to the privacy policy.